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2020 Election - VOTE August 15

We’re pleased to inform you that an election will occur on August 15, 2020 for the executive board of the Bayou Park Ratepayers Association.

We will be executing an online vote this year due to Covid-19, so please voice your opinion and support the Bayou Park Ratepayers Association by voting online. Nobody is required to attend in person.

The voting page Vote 2020 will be available as of August 14 at 11:59PM so you can VOTE on August 15th, 2020. If you’re on our email list you’ll also get a reminder that day to return to the online ballot.

Note: You must be a resident within our geographic area (Bayou Rd, Shadow Creek Rd, Westshore Cres, Timberline Ave, Grand Tamarack Rd), and be over 18 with a valid email address to vote.

For those interested in running for an executive or director at large position, please email your nomination by August 13th at 6PM to be added to the ballot. Terms for these positions are Two Years.

The 2020-2022 executive board nominees are:

Voting Executive Members


  1. Claire Lysnes

Vice President

  1. Neil Fenton


  1. Rick Talbot


  1. Kait Hunter


  1. Hillary Kimsall

Non-Voting Members

Directors at Large




  1. Lance Brown (Appointed)

There are numerous opportunities throughout the year for residents to volunteer and support the community, so if you’d like to participate, but not sit on the executive board, email

If you need any assistance with the ONLINE VOTING, please contact:

Karen Stevens 705-323-3216 or Linda Kowan 705-689-0725

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