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The best place in Ontario to raise a family, live a relaxing life, grow a business, or retire in leisure.


Years ago, a number of our property owners were concerned with what appeared to be a lack of direction for the future of our community. They wanted input about the growth and future of the Bayou Park neighbourhood. With this in mind, it was determined that a meeting of residents of the community should take place so that concerns and suggestions could be heard.

This initial meeting took place in October of 1970 with 45 people in attendance. As a result of the meeting, a committee was formed with the purpose of looking out for the future of Bayou Park. The Bayou Park Ratepayers Association was formerly incorporated in 1973 with the deed to the beach property transferred to the BPRA in 1974.

Our mission is to protect the future of the tangible assets under our care, while building a sustainable reserve fund and creating long-term value for our residents and their families.



The deed to the beach park specifies that owners and residents of lots located on Plans 1106, 1233, 1328 and any new plans built within Lots 4 and 5, Concession 9, in Severn Township can be members and have access to the beach. A map of the catchment area is available upon request. You can view the deed here.

As a privately owned beach park, property taxes must be paid to the township every year - this is one of the reasons that we collect annual membership dues.

Beach Rules:

  • No dogs allowed on the property. 

  • Members must accompany their guests to the beach and be present at all times. Non-members unaccompanied by a member will be considered trespassers.

  • Please leave the beach cleaner than you found it. We encourage members to take their garbage home with them as the beach property no longer has County of Simcoe waste pickup services.

  • No motorized vehicles on the property. They can be parked in the driveway or roadside but we ask that you do not block neighbours' driveways or mailboxes.

  • Organized gatherings of 10+ people requires board approval.

  • SUPS, canoes, kayaks, and other non-motorized small boats are allowed to be launched from the beach.

  • The sand toys are for the use of all member families and we ask that they remain at the beach.

  • Tidy up the toys and put back up the ropes to prevent geese from coming onto the property when leaving the beach.

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