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2024 AGM Meeting Minutes

**Date:** June 7th, 2024

**Location:** BPRA Property - 3851 Bayou Rd, Severn


  • Karen & Ron Stevens Family

  • Dorothy

  • Bernie and Keith

  • Hilary Kimsal

  • Claire Lysnes

  • Monty Kinnear

  • Andrew Kinnear

  • Amanda Stewart

  • Rick Talbot

  • Erica & Jamie Lomonaco


- 14 households provided proxies.

**Call to Order:**

- Claire called the AGM to order.

**Approval of Agenda:**

- Andrew motioned to approve the agenda.

- Karen seconded the motion.

- The agenda was approved unanimously.

**Approval of 2023 Meeting Minutes:**

- Monty motioned to approve the 2023 meeting minutes.

- Dorothy seconded the motion.

- The 2023 meeting minutes were approved unanimously.

**President's Report:**

- Claire delivered the President's report.

- Karen was recognized for early board work.

**Treasurer's Report:**

- Rick presented the Treasurer's report, focusing on the allocation of funds for treating infected trees.

- Dorothy motioned to approve the Treasurer's report.

- Bernie seconded the motion.

- The Treasurer's report was approved unanimously.

- Discussion on cash flow noted the unique expenses related to the 50th anniversary celebration last year and proposed the purchase of a speaker system.

- Erica motioned to approve the cash flow report.

- Karen seconded the motion.

- The cash flow report was approved unanimously.

**Extraordinary Items:**

- Andrew motioned to approve the Extraordinary Resolution.

- Keith seconded the motion.

- The motion was approved unanimously.

- A call for volunteers was made.

**Election of Officers:**

- Andrew was unanimously approved for the role of President.

- Amanda was unanimously approved for the role of Treasurer.

- Erica was unanimously approved for the role of Communications Director.

- The role of Secretary remains vacant.

**New Business:**

- Kerri Fogarty was announced as winning the early bird draw. Her prize has subsequently been delivered.


- The meeting was adjourned.

For more information about the official business of the Bayou Park Ratepayers Association, please reach out to with your question.

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