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2024 BPRA AGM Proxy Vote

Any adult 18 years of age or older in a member household within the catchment area specified in the BPRA letters patent (articles of incorporation) is entitled to vote at the 2024 BPRA Annual General Meeting (AGM). This area runs north from Westshore Crescent to the south side of Bayou Rd. This is your association and your beach park - your vote counts.

But if you can’t make it out to the AGM...

I give authorization to Current BPRA President Claire Lysnes to vote on my behalf on all issues put to a vote by the Bayou Park Ratepayers Association (BPRA) during the Annual General Meeting on Friday, June 7 8pm, including approval of:

  • -2024 Agenda

  • -Minutes from Previous AGM

  • -2023/2024 Financial Statement and Year End

  • -Extraordinary Resolution to waive the 2024/2025 audit/review engagement (for Non-Profits with revenue of $500k or less)

  • -Nominations/Elections of Board/Committee members as necessary

Please Select and Affirm
2020 Election

Your Info

Your Vote

Vice President
Communications Director
Director at Large

Past President


Lance Brown (Appointed) - Timberline Ave

Thanks for voting! Results will be available soon.

Please Note:

  • Terms for all positions are 2 Years from the date of election.

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