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2023 AGM Meeting Minutes

Bayou Park Ratepayers Association

Annual General Meeting

DATE: July 21st, 2023

TIME: 7:30 PM

LOCATION: Bayou Road Beach Park

Attendees (or sent proxy):

BPRA Executive Members - Claire Lysnes, President; Rick Talbot, Treasurer; & Erica Lomonaco, Secretary

Rick Pye

Tom and Catharine Losier

Arlene and Paul Picknell

Lucille Moore

Jamie Colledan

Andrew Kinnear

Judith Beamish

Hilary Kimsal (proxy)

Natasha Ilic (proxy)

Jamie Brain (proxy)

Amanda Stewart

Danielle and Louis McIntyre (proxy)

Les Courts (proxy)

Danielle Vosnakis (proxy)

Rick King

Dorothy Pilger and Jim Cootes

  1. Meeting called to order and welcome & introductions by President Claire Lysnes.

  2. Approval of Agenda: Tom Losier motioned to approve the AGM agenda, Rick Pie seconded. All in favour.

  3. Approval of 2022 AGM Minutes: Catharine Losier motioned to approve the 2022 BRPA AGM minutes. Paul Picknell seconded. All in favour.

  4. Claire Lysnes, President, spoke to the 2023 Presidents Report.

  5. Rick Talbot, Teasurer, presented the Fiscal Year 2022/2023 Financial Report and Extraordinary Resolution. Claire & Rick spoke about how the BPRA handles expense reimbursements. Andrew Kinnear motioned to approve the FY 2022/2023 Financial Report. Tom Losier seconded. All in favour. Catharine Losier motioned to approve the Extraordinary Resolution. Andrew Kinnear seconded. All in favour.

  6. Call out for new Events Committee volunteers.

  7. Call for new business from the membership. No new business raised.

  8. Meeting adjourned.

Congratulations to Tom Losier who was the winner of the $10 Tim Hortons gift card!

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