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New Year, New Team!

I'm thrilled to be writing my first official blog post (even though I've written lots on this site in the past while supporting the previous executive). In case you missed it, we held our Annual General Meeting on Friday and nearly got rained out. We were able to complete some important business, and also make a transition to a new BPRA Executive.

It's my pleasure to introduce myself as President. I'm Andrew Kinnear. You've probably met me at all the events, previously operating as 'Claire's husband Andrew'. I've lived in the neighbourhood with Claire and our kids since 2019, and before that we were cottagers, attending all the events and helping out where we could. I've got a lot of great ideas for how we can keep things in our part of Severn running smoothly, and I'm always open to listening to suggestions. I like to BBQ, I work for a marketing and sales company (mostly remote), and I'm happy to chat about what you're building onto your house or deck or garage!

You may already know Amanda Stewart, as the previous communications director on the BPRA Executive. She's stepped up to take on the important role of managing our finances as Treasurer. Amanda lives on Timberline with her husband Dave and their two daughters.

Next to introduce is Erica Lomonaco. You've tasted her charcuterie at all of our events in the last couple years, and previously Erica was Secretary of the BPRA. She's now leading communications for the group and will ensure that everyone knows what's happening and when! Erica lives on Bayou Rd with her husband Jamie and two kids.

Missing from the team is someone new. We need a Secretary for our executive who can be a part of our critical decision making, planning, and organizing. The role, as part of the executive, would meet with the rest of us monthly, capture minutes of important meetings, support the group during events, and generally keep us on track. If that sounds like you, let me know you're interested!

In the coming years, I'd like to see some capital projects happen (suggestions like docks, pavilions, and more) to improve our property. As well, annually we'll produce great events (like our Regatta in July, and Annual BBQ and Family Fun Day in August, and more!) and to do all that we'll be fundraising as well as soliciting for sponsors and donors. As our organization is a registered Not-for-profit, responsible for the long-term life of our valuable beachfront property and the engagement of residents, we look to YOU for support. You're a voting member in good standing, and can make the decisions.

Soon we'll be sharing some plans and soliciting feedback from engaged residents to make sure we're doing things that people tend to want and can agree on. We'll need YOU to tell us what you can help with, what you support, how you can help us get there, and what you're willing to volunteer or donate to when it comes to your time, money, or both!

I look forward to chatting with each of you and getting to know our neighbourhood friends even more.

All the best,


BPRA President

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