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December Meeting - Agenda

Bayou Park Ratepayers Association Executive Board Meeting

DATE: Thursday, December 17th, 2020

TIME: 8:00 - 9:30 PM

LOCATION: Google Meeting

ATTENDANCE: Claire Lysnes, President | Neil Fenton, VP | | Kait Hunter, Secretary | Hillary Kimsal, Communications | Lance Brown, Past President | Bruce Topping, Director at Large | Natasha Borutski, Director at Large

REGRETS: Rick Talbot, Treasurer



1. Meeting called to order - Claire - 8:00PM

2. Approval of Agenda - Kait - 8:05PM

3. Approval of Minutes from previous meeting - Kait - 8:10PM

4. Open Issues - 8:15PM

  1. Holiday Lights Contest - Hillary

  2. Holiday Lights at Timberline Park - Lance

5. Executive Report - Claire/Neil - 8:30PM

6. Communications Report - Hillary - 8:40PM

7. Financial Report - Rick - 8:50PM

a. Update on property and director insurance:

We now have insurance with the Co-operators Group as of Dec 8th. Rick is waiting on Co-operators to send the official documents and will scan copies once they are in hand. Cost is $104.31 monthly.

b. Cost projection for 2021 shows that we have a 1 year reserve. This link should be viewable by anyone (not just board members):

c. Weed Spray resolution:

Per our last meeting, two cheques have been written - one to the weed spray company, to pay for the owing 2019 canal spray of $2,350.40, and another to Linda Thompson to disperse the surplus collected weedspray fees of $1,012.86. Both cheques were received by Linda Thompson the week of December 7th. This link of the reconciliation should be viewable by anyone: d. I have copies of the deed for the beach, which specifies that Bayou Park Ratepayers Association members can live in plans 1106, 1233, 1328, and lots 4 and 5 of concession 9. I’ll make a map for ease of reference. Here are publicly accessible copies of the deed:


8. New Business - All - 9:00PM

  1. Community Ice Rink

  2. Winter carnival

  3. Ice fishing tournament - Proposal from Neil

9. Member Inquiries - 9:15PM

  1. Member request to revisit dog policy (Sarah Reynolds)

10. Date & Agenda for next meeting - Claire/Kait - 9:25PM

11. Adjournment - Claire - 9:30PM

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