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Send Us Your Memories!

The Bayou Park Ratepayers' Association has been in existence since 1970, half a century ago! Since that time, many generations of residents have enjoyed the beach and all the beautiful features our community has to offer, while creating many happy memories and family traditions.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the BPRA, we want to honour this history! We invite our Bayou Park community members to submit YOUR photographs and corresponding memories and stories to! We welcome scenic, aerial, and group photos. These may be used on our website, social media, and/or in our upcoming Memories of Bayou Park project we have in mind.

Please include your name, written consent to use your photo/memory, and the names of any people featured.

If you'd like our help in digitizing any images and/or recording any memories, please contact us at and we'd be happy to connect with you!

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