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2022 AGM Meeting Minutes

Bayou Park Ratepayers Association

Annual General Meeting & Movie Night

DATE: Saturday, July 16th, 2022 (Rain date: Sunday, July 17th)

TIME: 7:30 PM

LOCATION: Timberline Park


  • 7:20PM - Member Check-In - Acting Secretary Erica Lomonaco

  • 7:30PM - Meeting called to order. Welcome & Introductions - President Claire Lysnes

  • 7:35PM - Approval of Agenda - Acting Secretary Erica Lomonaco

Member Tom Losier motioned to approve and member Dorothy Pilger seconded, all were in favour.

Member Andrew Kinnear moved to approve the minutes and member Bruce Topping seconded, all were in favour.

Claire discussed the events of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. The Holiday Craft Market was a successful first event and we will likely do it again this winter and raise the cost to participate for vendors. The second annual Pumpkin walk was a great event, and the Festival of Lights was successful too. The Easter Egg Hunt was well attended as well as the Meet Your Neighbours Social. The most successful event was our annual BBQ, we raised a fair amount of money and the feedback was that everyone enjoyed it. The Raffle table was a good success as well.

Claire thanked the volunteers like member Steve Tourney who cuts our grass, member Les Courts of Earth Electric and member Chris Evans of Diamond Tree Accounting who sponsor our draws and members Dorothy Pilger and Bernie Robertson who managed the bake sale table and member Tom Losier who helped with our Pig Roast, to name just a few of our very valued volunteers.

Claire talked about our membership being lower than last year, however our AGM was later in the summer last year so hoping our membership numbers be the same or higher by August. If we had to generalize, the Bayou Road lakefront houses tend to be the ones who do not join the association.

Member Laura Black asked a question - If the neighbours that are not paying their memberships are an older crowd, and that they may be more inclined to join if we held more events that would appeal to them.

Claire mentioned the date of the annual BBQ and that we need 50 volunteers for it to be a successful event.

Member Les Courts of Earth Electric volunteered to have his company rewire the shed as long as we have a generator for energy. We do have one to use for the BBQ.

Rick briefly went through the financials, the biggest income source is our BBQ fundraising event and second is the membership campaign. He asked if anyone would like to sit and review the books with us and member Catherine Losier volunteered to do so.

Member Andrew Kinnear motioned to approve the financial statement and member Bonnie York seconded, all were in favour.

Rick and Claire then spoke about the Approval of Extraordinary Resolution to waive 2022/2023 audit/review engagement so the Association doesn't have to spend a significant amount of money to audit the association's finances next year. Member Tom Losier motioned to approve the extraordinary resolution and member Penni Courts seconded, all were in favour.

Claire discussed how the 2 year term for President and Treasurer is up. No other member has been nominated or put themselves forward for nomination so so Claire and Rick will stand again for President and Treasurer, respectively. Member Laura Black motioned to approve and member Steve Tournay seconded, all were in favour.

Claire mentioned Secretary Natasha Ilic being on maternity leave and Erica Lomonaco serving as Acting Secretary. Natasha's 2 year term for the Secretary role ends as of this AGM and Erica's name was put forward to take on the position and she agreed to stand. member Steve Tourney motioned to approve Erica as Secretary for the 2022-2024 term and member Arlene Picknell seconded, all were in favour.

Claire asked that we have more representation in the neighbourhood by having Directors at Large for each street. Claire nominated member Penni Courts to be the Director at Large for Grand Tamarack Cres. Penni agreed to volunteer. There was no one present from Bayou Road. Member Laura Black offered to be the Director at Large for Timberline Ave.

Member Arlene Picknell offered to join the Events Committee.

  • 8:25PM - New Business - President Claire Lysnes

A member posed the question of how the new subdivisions will affect the Beach use?

Claire discussed the two subdivisions that are in the works to be built in our area. The nine townhouses slated to be built behind Tim Hortons will be part of the community as they are in the BPRA catchment as per the deed to the Bayou Road Beach Park and the BPRA will likely invite these residents to join the association when the subdivision is complete.

Claire confirmed the proposed Menokee Beach Road development adjacent to Highway 11 will fall within the BPRA catchment as stated in the deed to the Beach Park. Residents of this subdivision technically could become members but they would have to drive on the highway to come to the Beach which might be limiting. The BPRA has no plans at this point with regard to this subdivision.

  • 8:30PM - Adjournment & $10 in Subway Gift Cards Draw - President Claire Lysnes

Members Arlene and Paul Picknell were the winners of the Subway Gift Card.

Member Andrew Kinnear moved to adjourn the meeting and member Steve Tourney seconded, all were in favour.

The MOVIE NIGHT commensed.

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