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2021 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Bayou Park Ratepayers Association

2021 Annual General Meeting Minutes

DATE: Saturday, August 14th, 2021

TIME: 7:30 - 8:30 PM

LOCATION: Timberline Park

Attendees: Claire Lysnes, President; Rick Talbot, Treasurer; Natasha Borutski, Secretary; Bruce Topping, Director at Large

As of the date of the AGM, the BPRA had 161 members in good standing. Ten percent of the voting membership was required to attend the AGM in person or send proxy in order to reach quorum. This equated to 16 members. As seen below, 18 member households were represented at the AGM (in person or by proxy), resulting in a total of 30 votes.

Members in attendance included:

Laura Black

Tom and Catharine Losier

Erica Lomonaco & Jamie Colledan

Chris & Jacqueline Evans

Linda Kowan

Dorothy Pilger

Glen & Laura Berry

Patricia & Jordan Wallace

Andrew Kinnear

Steve Tourney

Mike & Ginette Pineo (by proxy)

Rick King (by proxy)

Risha Yorke (by proxy)

Adam Borutski (by proxy)

Grace Topping (by proxy)

Hillary Kimsal (by proxy)

Louis & Dani McIntyre (by proxy)

Amanda & Dave Stewart (by proxy)

Lance Brown (lapsed member)

Angela Foster & family (non-voting member)


  1. Meeting called to order at 7:44 pm. Welcome and Board Member Introductions made by Claire Lysnes.

  2. Approval of Agenda motioned by Claire Lysnes, seconded by: Bruce Topping, all in Favour (30 votes)

  3. Approval of Minutes from previous AGM (Not available due to Covid-19)

  4. President’s Report given by Claire Lysnes and available here:

  5. Treasurer's Report given by Rick Talbot and available to view here:

    1. Approval of financial statement motioned by Rick Talbot, seconded by member Linda Kowan, all in favour (30 votes)

    2. Approval of Extraordinary Resolution to waive 2021/2022 audit/review engagement motioned by: Claire Lysnes, seconded by member Erica Lomonaco, all in favour (30 votes)

    3. Member Linda Kowan suggested the membership fee be increased to $50 as it was noted in the financial report that it had not been raised from $25 since 1973, until this year with a $10 increment. Claire noted that the $35 fee was calculated upon inflation over the past 20 years and that it will be in place for 2021 & 2022 and may be reviewed again after that.

  6. Nomination/Election of Board/Committee Members

    1. Director at Large (1-2 members) - No volunteers have come forward as yet.

    2. Communications Committee (1 member) [Nominated: member Amanda Stewart]

      1. Motion to elect Amanda Stewart by Claire Lysnes, seconded by member Tom Losier, all in favour (30 votes)

    3. Event Planning Committee (2-3 members) [Nominated: members Angela Foster, Louis McIntyre]

      1. Motion to elect Angela Foster by Claire Lysnes, seconded by Bruce Topping, all in favour (30 votes)

      2. Motion to elect Louis McIntyre by Claire Lysnes, seconded by member Andrew Kinnear all in favour (30 votes)

  7. New Businesses - Approval of By-Laws: ​​the Bayou Park Ratepayers Association has utilized the Ontario default organizational by-law to draft By-Laws for our non-profit corporation, eligible members were asked to approve these by-laws by vote (in person or by proxy).

    1. Motion to approve by-laws by Claire Lysnes, seconded by Linda Kowan, all in favour (30 votes).

    2. Member Laura Black raised the question about why the catchment area has opened up to include more territory. Claire clarified the boundary lines as specified in the beach park deed & the BPRA letters patent, and noted that, at the executive’s discretion, people outside the boundary area can apply to become a non-voting member.

  8. Other Businesses:

    1. Andrew Kinnear asked for any volunteers for the family fun BBQ and signed up those who were interested.

    2. Tim Horton’s Gift Card Draw: the winner was drawn at random from the AGM attendees using the random number generator by Google. The winner was member Dorothy Pilger.

AGM Adjournment: 8:17 pm.

Movie “The Secret Life of Pets” began.

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