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April 2021 Meeting - Minutes

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Bayou Park Ratepayers Association

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

DATE: Thursday, April 15th, 2021

TIME: 8:00 PM -9:30 PM

LOCATION: Google video call from 3686 Shadow Creek Road

ATTENDEES: Claire Lysnes, President | Hillary Kimsal, Communications | Rick Talbot, Treasurer | Kait Hunter, Secretary | Natasha Borutski, Director at Large

REGRETS: Lance Brown, Past President | Neil Fenton, VP | Bruce Topping, Director at Large


1. Meeting called to order by Claire Lysnes

2. Approval of Agenda

Motion to Approve: Claire Lysnes 2nd: Rick Talbot

VOTE: All in Favour

3. Approval of Minutes from previous meeting (March)

Motion to Approve: Claire Lysnes 2nd: Hillary Kimsal

VOTE: All in favour

4. Open Issues

a) Small Business Page

A few members have submitted entries including Yellofruit (Andrew Kinnear), Yorke Motivational (Risha Yorke), and Lake Country Office Solutions (Adam Borutski). Joe York Property Maintenance has also inquired.

b) Easter Initiative

Colouring Contest: 12 entries in the 0-4 and 5-9 age categories. No entries in the 10+ age category. Winners of the first two categories were drawn by a random number generator. Because no 10+ entries were submitted, all remaining entries were put into a final draw via random number generator to select the winner of the third, and final, prize.

The Winners were:

Zane, age 4 (Shadow Creek Rd)

Joey, age 6 (Westshore Cres)

Madeline, age 9 (Bayou Rd)

Each winner received a Kinder Surprise Maxi Egg.

Bake Sale: 29 orders, revenue $1,118, cost of goods $819, Square software credit card processing fee $41.14, BPRA profit $257.86

We ordered from local pastry chef, Jillian Lassaline of Jillian Jiggs Baking.

Of the 29 orders most were local deliveries, only a few were pick up, and the deliveries themselves went well.

Lots of positive feedback, excitement from across the neighbourhood.

Website shop page was easy to set up in Wix, and processed orders without any issues.

Wix app made it easy to track and execute all the deliveries.

For future fundraisers we would like to partner with Bedrock Pizza and/or Blue Moon Junction Restaurant.

c) Traffic Calming

Defer to next meeting due to Bruce's absence.

Hillary noticed in the Washago Villager that Severn Township is doing a "slow down" traffice calming campaign with signs that residents can post in their yard street-side. She has emailed a request to the township for 25 that could be distributed to interested members around the neighbourhood.

d) Feedback Box at the Beach

Defer to next meeting due to Neil's absence.

e) Purchasing new trees to plant at the Beach Park

We still need an arborist to assess the condition of the trees.

Kait to reach out to local arborist, Corey Schotte.

5. Executive Report

a) Property Damage

On March 29th, an unknown individual drove their SUV into the Beach Park, leaving large ruts in the lawn. Neighbours who witnessed this were unable to obtain a license plate number. Police report filed. Neil has now put up a chain with lock across the entrance to the property to control entry of traffic into the park, particularly at times when the ground is soft such as Spring. Expense of chain and lock submitted to Rick. Subsequently, member Nick Driedger kindly attempted to fix the ruts with his lawn roller.

b) Articles of Incorporation

The BPRA's Articles of Incorporation (Letters Patent) were not passed on to the current Executive Board by the previous board. Provincially registered not-for-profit corporations are required to keep a copy of this document in their records, as per the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act. As such, we requested a copy of the BPRA's Corporate Record (Letters Patent/Articles of Incorporation) from Service Ontario, which was sent on March 29th and dates to 1972 when the association was first registered as a provincial non-profit. Cost to obtain this report was $10. We have filed this document in our electronic records for future safekeeping.

In addition, for a cost of $12, Service Ontario sent the BPRA's Corporate Profile report, which outlines the most recent BPRA address and directors on file with the Ontario government and the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). This document shows that the last annual return for the BPRA was filed in 2007 by Rita Weese (secretary at that time, deceased a/o 2018).

The address currently on file with Service Ontario for the corporation is Rita's former residence - 3714 Shadow Creek Rd, RR 3 Orillia L3V 6H3. The Executive board currently on file is Jim Kavanaugh 3610 Bayou Rd (Chair), Aubrey McArther 3570 Bayou Rd (Officer), Dorothy Pilger 3718 Shadow Creek Rd (Director), and Rita Weese 3714 Shadow Creek Rd (Officer - Secretary). No annual returns filed with the Ontario government or CRA since 2007.

Next steps per the Ontario Government/CRA:

-File address/director change form with Service Ontario.

-Follow up with CRA re: outstanding annual returns and if back taxes are owed (as a not for profit we may be exempt from paying taxes). May require notorized documentation to gain access to our CRA records.

-Create association bylaws (required under the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act), to be voted upon by BPRA membership. No bylaws were passed on to the current Executive Board by the previous board.

6. Communications Report

Two members have volunteered to help with our monthly newsletter mailbox drops: Kerri Fogarty and her children, and Ginette Pineo. Thank you so much Ginette, Kerri, and family!

7. Financial Report

Our fundraisers to date have done well:

$605 profit for the Valentines Day Gift Cards

$257.86 profit for the Easter Bake Sale

Look to do more this year to help the BPRA reach our fundraising goal of $3800.

The Co-operators Group confirmed the Beach Park insurance does not cover property damage/fire, following the incident discussed above. The BPRA is currently only covered for liability and directors' liability insurance. Rick has asked for a quote on extending our insurance to cover property damage and vandalism. This would cover the shed, which is considered a temporary structure per the stipulations of the deed to the property. Question whether the trailer onsite was donated to the BPRA by the McArthur family?

8. New Business

a) Property damage - see Executive Report above.

b) Beach Park Spring Clean-Up will be on May 16th pending provincial gathering restrictions.

A member asked to make it a neighbourhood-wide clean up.

c) Fishing Derby - consider deferring/postponing to Father's Day in June pending provincial gathering restrictions.

d) Membership Fee Campaign:

Will begin May 24th weekend. We will encourage electronic money transfers to minimize in-person contact via door to door collection. We will use square to track payments and issue receipts. Hillary will do the communications. Last year, 150 households out of approx. 220 eligible paid their 2020 membership fee (68%). Goal this year is to exceed that, with 176, or 80%, of households paying. Everyone on the executive board will play a role in collection (Hillary's contribution to be the communications).

BPRA event participants should always be members in good standing.

The BPRA annual membership fee has been $25 since the association was incorporated in 1972, 49 years ago. Rick and Claire are investigating to see if an increase is justified. Rick confirmed that taxes on the Beach park have not risen significantly since then, however, other costs have, such as insurance, property & shed maintenance, cost of porta potty, etc. Adjusting for inflation, $25 from 1975 is now $125. $25 from 2000 is now $35.21.

Another ratepayer association on Lake Couchiching has a $50 annual membership fee.

Executive agreed we need to collect from more households, do more fundraising, and consider raising the annual membership fee.

Schedule follow-up call to discuss next steps.

e) Yoga in the Park - to be taught by Kait, who is a qualified yoga instructor. She will present a plan for Executive Board review by end of April.

9. Member Inquiries

None at this time

10. Next meeting: May 20th, 2021 via Google Meeting

11. Adjournment @ 21:42

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