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August 2020 Meeting - Minutes

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Bayou Park Ratepayers Association

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

DATE: Thursday, Aug 20th, 2020

TIME: 8:00 - 9:00 PM

LOCATION: Google video call from 3686 Shadow Creek Road

ATTENDEES: Claire Lysnes, President | Neil Fenton, VP | Rick Talbot, Treasurer | Kait Hunter, Secretary | Hillary Kimsal, Communications | Lance Brown, Past President | Bruce Topping, Director at Large

GUESTS: Linda Kowan


  1. Meeting called to order by Claire Lysnes, welcome, brief introductions

  1. Approval of Agenda

Motion to Approve:Claire Lysnes 1st: Rick Talbot, 2nd: Lance Brown

VOTE: All in Favour

  1. Approval of Minutes from previous meeting

Stricken from Agenda as not supplied by Past President

Motion to Approve: Claire Lysnes 1st: Neil Fenton 2nd: Rick Talbot

VOTE: All in favour

  1. Open Issues

    1. Election results/acclimation of new board members

Claire discussed the election process, online votes and validation by Ginette Pineo. She received a lot of positive feedback and community support. We had a total of 37 online votes from neighbourhood residents; however, we are now acclaimed in our roles as there was only one nominee per position. Proceeded with election to help increase community engagement and maintain a high level of transparency.

  1. Membership fee collection - need help

Claire stated the fees that have been collected to date, Karen, Claire and Lance have money to be deposited. 55 e-transfers to date. In-person collection on Westshore Cres, Shadow Creek, and Timberline Ave. When collecting and using SQUARE, there is a fee to use a credit card. However, going door to door and talking to community members has been a positive experience. Most members are willing and receptive to pay their membership fee. We would like to, next year, continue encouraging e-transfers to collect fees. Need volunteers to complete collections beginning Sunday and Monday. Bruce and Kait volunteered to help.

  1. Executive Report - Claire Lysnes/Neil Fenton

Claire discusses the new website for BPRA. Asking community members to use the site, enter email addresses for subscription purposes. We have around 210 residences, and an estimate of around 100 confirmed email addresses. We should keep encouraging the collection of emails to reduce mailbox drops, and make the information more available.

SQUARE and WIX are used with email addresses as well and keep an organized list of those with paid and unpaid fees.

There are two pieces of mail to be looked at. One is a notice from the township for a septic inspection and subsequent billing.This piece of mail seems to be a generic piece issued to all residents in the area. Will call the Township to confirm whether it applies to the waterfront property. We will need to update the BPRA mailing address with the Township as well.

Second piece appears to be an insurance letter. Lance states he is trying to contact a representative but has had very little response on clearing this up. Claire asks if the insurance is for the board members or the property. Lance is unsure at this time.

  1. Financial Report - Rick Talbot

Rick discusses that Lance is currently trying to obtain more information on the previous financial records at this time, which should be made available as soon as they are obtained. Claire and Lance are making an appointment with the current banking institution (BMO) to change the signing authority and make the necessary deposits from this year’s membership fee collection.

Rick discusses how we are using new accounting systems that will integrate all information into a more transparent and legible format that will allow an easier paper trail and access to financial information. SQUARE will be used to obtain membership fee payment and will keep track of members who have paid, and issue receipts. We will begin looking at profits and losses, and our goal is at this point, is financial transparency with our community members. There is no cost to use to use SQUARE to record our transactions.

Looking to obtain possibly a post box, or update with the treasures address to keep all financial records, bills etc to one person. Possibly e-billing where possible.

There are two lots under the title for Bayou Park. Currently the taxes come out in quarterly installments.

Bruce Topping would like us to investigate whether we can have the tax installments come out automatically from the bank, so that they are paid on time with no issue.

Motion to Approve: Bruce Topping 2nd: Rick Talbot

VOTE: All in Favour.

  1. Communications Report - Hillary Kimsal

Hillary discusses our current method of communication for the BPRA. We currently have a facebook page with approximately 80 followers, a new Instagram page, and our new website.

The Washago Villager publication is interested in doing a write up about our new BPRA members. Claire will potentially be interviewed at a later date.

Notice board at the park needs to be improved. ( at this time a sub-committee is assigned, Claire, Kait, Lance,Bruce, Hillary and Neil) The committee has agreed to meet Tuesday afternoon to brainstorm improvements.

Rick mentions with members purchasing supplies and materials we should be submitting an expense reimbursement form.

RIck motions to implement policy: a Director can spend up to $50 without approval. A member (i.e. homeowner/renter) can spend up to $50 with approval of 1 Director. Anything over $50 needs a vote

Motion to Approve: Rick Talbot 2nd: Claire Lysnes

VOTE: All in Favour

Claire mentions that we still need Lance and Bruce’s pictures and bio pieces for the website.

  1. New Business

    1. Board transition next steps

No discussion

  1. Financial implications of Covid-19 restrictions and BPRA recovery plan

With no events it has taken its toll on our ability to raise funds. Lance states last year the BBQ Silent Auction raised us $2150, and cost around $400 for the meals. However, Claire mentions we have already collected more in membership fees by e-transfer in 2020 than in 2019. Claire mentions we need to check the bank account viability.

Lance presents an unpaid invoice from a contractor for the Shadow Creek CANAL SPRAYING dated from September 2019. Lance states the organizer of the canal spraying may have deposited funds collected into the BPRA account to pay for the spraying, and was not reimbursed by the BPRA, nor the contractor paid. The bill is $2350.40. Claire says we need to investigate to understand if the bill is outstanding and if BPRA is required to pay it.

Rick motions to no longer have the canal spray collection, or any other funds collected outside BPRA matters, to be deposited to the BPRA bank account or dealt with by the BPRA,

Motion to approve: Rick Talbot 2nd: Bruce Topping

VOTE: All in Favour

Claire discusses the need to inquire what sort of major expenses the BPRA typically has other than property taxes, insurances, and maintenance.

Neil says he will look at the lawn mower and try to have it fixed.

  1. Community Survey

Claire proposes a survey to collect demographics of our community. She would like to find out more about our members to ensure everyone is getting the most out of our community association and that the BPRA is improving anything that can be done. She would like Hillary and Kait to help her with this task.

Motion to Approve: Claire Lysnes 2nd: Hillary

VOTE: All in Favour

  1. Community engagement

It is discussed here we need to focus on improving the BPRA in order to ensure the community is engaged and happy.

  1. Supporting volunteers - organizing, tracking and assigning tasks

High school kids require 40 hours of community involvement, we can offer some of those hours.

We need to obtain a current volunteers list, obtaining more volunteers via social media and mail drops.

  1. Inventory of association owned assets and their oversight and location

Lawn mower, Lance will get it back from current location at his house so that Neil can fix it.


2 BBQs

Propane tanks

Garbage cans

Shelter tents etc

  1. Beach/Shed fall clean-up

Parties agree to meet Sunday August 30, 1:30 pm to assess inventory, state of out buildings and the fall clean up.

  1. Event Planning for remainder of year (Covid-19 restrictions?)

Neil will check the Health Unit site for all COVID-19 rules and restrictions

Winter events, ice fishing, pumpkin carving, Will be discussed as part of September's agenda.

  1. Member Inquiries

    1. Property rental policy (request for wedding summer 2021)

Due to the lack of information surrounding our insurance and liability policy, Claire motions to defer the rental requests at this time

Motion to Approve: Claire Lysnes 2nd: Rick Talbot

VOTE: All in favour

  1. Dog policy

Hillary motions No Dog policy to stay in place, until we can determine our insurance policy and liability at this time.

Motion to Approve: Hillary Kismal 1st: Kait Hunter 2nd: Rick Talbot

VOTE: All in Favour.

  1. Light at the boat launch

Matters pertaining to the boat launch are a Township responsibility. At this time we need to determine what our Advocacy role with the Township is.

Bruce motions we liaise with members in order to submit a petition to the Township to have our community marked as a Community Safety zone to try to insert some traffic calming measures and safety of our community.

Motion to Approve: Bruce Topping 2nd: Neil Fenton

VOTE: All in Favour.

  1. Next meeting: [September 17, 2020; LOCATION TBD]

Motion to Approve: Claire Lysnes, 2nd: Kait Hunter

Meetings will be held the third Thursday of each month, unless otherwise stated

VOTE: Majority

  1. Adjournment

Motion to Adjourn: Claire Lysnes, 1st:Hillary Kismal

VOTE: All in Favour

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