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July 2021 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

DATE: Thursday, July 15th, 2021

TIME: 8:00 - 9:30 PM

LOCATION: Google meet

ATTENDANCE: Claire Lysnes, President | Neil Fenton, VP | Kait Hunter, Events Coordinator | Natasha Borutski, Secretary

ABSENT: Rick Talbot, Treasurer, Hillary Kimsal, Communications, Lance Brown, Past President, Bruce Topping, Director at Large


Meeting called to order - 8:26 pm

Approval of Agenda: Motioned by Claire Lysnes, Seconded by: Kait Hunter,

All approved

Approval of April Minutes: Motioned by Claire Lysnes, Seconded by: Natasha Borutski,

All approved

Approval of May minutes: Motioned by Claire Lysnes, Seconded by: Natasha Borutski,

All approved

Approval of June Minutes: Motioned by Claire Lysnes, Seconded by: Kait Hunter,

All approved

1. Open Issues

a) Remaining Beach prep:

Beach Garbage Collection Schedule:

Tues, July 20th - Kait

Tues, Aug 3rd - Claire

Tues, Aug 17th - Neil

Tues, Aug 31st - Natasha & Bruce

Horseshoe pits - Neil will clean them out ahead of the beach party

Picnic table repair/re-staining: Andrew and Louis waiting on a clear day

b) Report on Meet the Neighbours/Exec Board event: 26 neighbours registered, 25 attended. Four new neighbours attended. New sand toys were purchased for the beach. The event was well received.

2. Executive Report: Membership Fee Collection Campaign update: 70% of households have paid their fees. BPRA members will need to visit remaining households in person to collect dues, Claire will advise further. More houses than last year paid by e-transfer and paid earlier. The winner of the $100 gift card to Home Hardware was member Scott Silk.

3. Executive Board changes & needs planning for next year: Kait Hunter is moving into a new role as events coordinator. Claire noted that having a sub committee to assist Kate with events would be helpful. Natasha Borutski will take on the Secretary role. We will need to recruit for the Executive at Large position. There seems to be a need for communications support, Hillary to confirm. The idea of a new fundraising role came up, Kait can assist with this along with a sub committee of volunteers. We will need to recruit for a new VP for next year as Neil will need to step back from that role. The notion of a maintenance sub committee came up to assist with park maintenance.

4. Netting to Stop Geese & New Beach Toys + Bench Donation: Member Andrew put up new netting to keep the geese off the sand. Kate purchased new sand toys and neighbour & member Grace Lawrie donated two new white, foldable benches

5. Communications Report - deferred to next week as Hillary was absent.

6. Financial Report - deferred to next week as Rick was absent.

7. New Business

a. Event planning:

AGM/Movie Night Sat, Aug 14th - Neil purchased a blow up screen and will coordinate with Rick about doing a dry run. Will need to be done at the Timberline park due to the power availability. Neil suggested the movie choice be Pets, all were in favour. Claire will have food and snacks but will review what the Ontario Covid-19 guidelines are for serving snacks. The AGM will start the hour before dusk and the movie at dusk. As for the agenda of the AGM, there should be an executive report, financial report, communications report and there will be a need for the secretary to take notes.

b. Family Fun Day/BBQ Sat, Aug 28th) - Ontario outdoor gathering limit expected to increase 100 people. Claire and Rick will look into whether the event will be economically feasible y for the BPRA at 100 people.

A list of event elements and lead organizer was created:

Event ElementLeadMeal pricesRickRenting Bouncy castle, dunk tankKaitVolunteer recruitment and organizationKaitFood for mealsClaireFireworks (procurement, show)Neil, Lance. Sponsors (kayakity-yak, etc)Claire/Natasha/KaitSoliciting Silent Auction/Raffle PrizesHillary/ClaireOrganizing/Running Horseshow tournyBruceKids' games/activitiesNatashaCover BandRickTalent showHillaryDinner arrangements (Shaws or Beards)Rick/ClaireBonfireBruceSet UpAllTake DownAllFiretruckKaitbuying supplies (name tags, tickets, etc)Rick

8. Member Inquiries:None to date

9. Date for next meeting & Adjournment - July 26 to discuss the progress of BBQ.

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