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June 2021 Meeting - Minutes

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Bayou Park Ratepayers Association

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

DATE: Thursday, June 17th, 2021

TIME: 8:00 - 9:30 PM

LOCATION: Google Meet

ATTENDEES: Claire Lysnes, President | Neil Fenton, VP | Rick Talbot, Treasurer | Natasha Borutski, Director at Large

REGRETS: Hillary Kimsal, Communications | Kait Hunter, Secretary | Lance Brown, Past President | Bruce Topping, Director at Large


1. Meeting called to order by Claire Lysnes

2. Approval of Agenda: Neil Fenton, 2nd: Natasha Borutski

Vote: All in favour

3. Approval of April and May Minutes - deferred to next meeting as secretary was absent.

4. Open Issues

a) Small businesses page launch

The page is now live with just three businesses. Natasha has requested that in the next communication letter we put in a small piece about the business page and share a link to the live page.

b) Traffic calming petition

Discussion pushed to the next meeting when Bruce is in attendance.

c) Remaining Beach prep:

Portapotty - Rick is looking into different companies and the cost. Gutters - Neil has started the gutters and will continue to clean them out. Weekly garbage - each BPRA member will be responsible for taking out the garbage Horseshoe pits - Neil will clear the weeds and add sand Picnic table repair/re-staining - Volunteers Louie and Andrew will help with sanding and painting the picnic tables. Looking for other volunteers to assist

5. Executive Report

a) Membership Fee Collection Campaign update:

Slightly over 50% paid. Claire is working on putting together mail reminders for homes that haven’t paid. Neil, Bruce, Natasha and Claire to deliver the mailbox drops the week of June 21.

6. Communications Report

Signage re. Guests at the beach - Hilary will put up a reminder sign at the beach about the policy that guests must be accompanied by a member.

7. Financial Report

a) Vandalism insurance coverage:

$125/year for coverage of $25,000 for shed structure and $10,000 coverage for the contents inside as well as $10,000 for property vandalism (plants, grass etc.) deductible is $1,000. Neil motioned to go ahead with the purchase.

b) Thank you letters:

Rick wrote thank you letters for recent donors Les Courts and Lysnes Mcgreehan donations.

8. New Business

  1. Planning summer events (June - August)

    1. Yoga at the Beach: will follow up with Kate to confirm at the next meeting

    2. Meet Your Neighbours & Kids Fun in the Sun: Sunday, July 4, 3-5 pm. The event will include light snacks and drinks for the kids. Kait and Claire to work together to plan the event.

    3. Golf Event: On hold for now. There is no discount to members and currently no fundraising element.

    4. Community-Wide Garage Sale: proposed date, Saturday, July 17. Member would pay $5 to participate. Advertising will be done for paying participants through social media and an ad in The Villager. Natasha will lead this event.

    5. Movie Night at the Beach: July 31, 2021 Rick and Neil will be the lead for technical on this event.

    6. AGM: TBD

    7. Family Fun Day: Proposed date: Saturday, August 28. Based on past income from previous events it was decided to eliminate lunch and move breakfast later to a brunch and still include dinner and fireworks. Neil will source fireworks, Rick will confirm the budget for food and fireworks. Claire will source volunteers. We will look into both live music and a DJ and decide on one or the other or both. We will look into Shaw’s for catering the dinner. Ideas for kids: scavenger hunt, sandcastle contest, bicycle parade. Possibly ask Kayak-ity-Yak to set up a tent and allow residents to try stand-up paddleboards and kayaks. Horseshoe throwing contest. Bake Sale, 50/50 draw, and silent auction. It was decided to go ahead with planning the event but if the provincial gathering limit is confirmed to be under 75 people the event will be canceled. The group will go ahead with recruiting volunteers and contacting suppliers for now. The BPRA will need a separate meeting to discuss the rollout of this event.

9. Member Inquiries: None to date

10. Date for next meeting & Adjournment: Thursday, July 15 at 8 pm

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