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September 2020 Meeting - Minutes

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Bayou Park Ratepayers Association

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

DATE: Thursday, Sept 17, 2020

TIME: 8:00 - 9:32 PM

LOCATION: Google video call from 3686 Shadow Creek Road

ATTENDEES: Claire Lysnes, President | Rick Talbot, Treasurer | Kait Hunter, Secretary | Hillary Kimsal, Communications |Natasha Borutski, Director at Large| Bruce Topping, Director at Large

ABSENT: Neil Fenton, VP | Lance Brown, Past President


1. Meeting called to order by Claire Lysnes, welcome, introduction of Natasha Borutski new Director at Large

2. Approval of Agenda

Motion to Approve: Claire Lysnes 2nd: Bruce Topping

VOTE: All in Favour

3. Approval of Minutes from previous meeting

Motion to Approve: Bruce Topping 2nd: Rick Talbot

VOTE: All in Favour

4. Open Issues

a) Wrap up of membership fee collection- Membership collection has gone very well. Claire, Karen, Lance and Kait were able to collect the majority of fees due. People are very receptive and excited about our new payment tracking system, Square, which shows $3698.00 collected to date ( as of September 17, 2020) of donations and membership fees. Current collections have put the BPRA in a position to take care of all expected financial obligations in the coming year. Claire and Rick have set up the email address “” to now accept e-transfers, in addition to the “” account, which will be eventually phased out.

b) Bayou Park sign improvement project- The new sign has been relocated to the other side of the park property. The cork has been replaced inside, and a new paint job has brightened it up. Hillary and Kait will fix up the interior in the coming months, Claire and Natasha cleaned up the glass and painted the exterior.

c) Lawn mower- deferred to the next meeting due to Neil and Lance being absent.

5. Executive Report - Claire Lysnes

a) Community Survey- 21 participants took part in the survey. The survey closed September 16, 2020. There was a lower number of submissions than expected, but will analyze current data. We received 4 high school students interested in volunteer hours. Hillary asks about a possible extension on the survey to collect more data. Claire says she was surprised at the low participation due to the common excitement among community members on the new executive members. She asks if extending it would allow for more responses. We currently have 166 contacts on our email list out of a potential 210 households. Natasha recommends another email blast to try and gain more participation. Claire agrees to extend the deadline. Hillary suggests a paper copy of surveys at future community events. Executive discuss a possible incentive for participation.

b) High School Volunteers- deferred to next meeting due to Neil being absent.

6. Financial Report - Rick Talbot

a) Signing authority has now been transferred to Claire and Rick. Lance remains as one of the signing authorities as well.

b) Cheque books and financial records have been obtained. Rick has been entering old data into our new accounting programs. There are a number of records missing (cheque stubs and ledger).

c) Rick was able to obtain the property deed. We need to figure out information regarding the deed’s contingencies to have accurate understanding of property possession.

d) Rick and Claire were able to access the safety deposit box, it held no important documents. Rick does not believe the box is worth keeping at this point and it is currently empty. Cancelling it would save BPRA $50 annually.

Motion to Approve cancelling the safety deposit box: Rick Talbot 2nd: Kait Hunter

VOTE: All in Favour

Claire mentions the documents that were left in the box have now been scanned and filed electronically.

e) Rick breaks down the financials:

$8565.90 currently in the association’s bank account

$1612.53 in property taxes for Bayou Park paid year to date

Currently no insurance information at this time. Old documents state the insurance was $2000. Claire will follow up with Lance regarding insurance information.

Rick discusses reimbursement cheques made from the bank account in prior years with no receipts, still piecing together documents received.

2020 financials are currently accurate and up to date with no discrepancies other than the possible insurance issue.

7. Communications Report - Hillary Kimsal

a) The Villager article has been published in the September 2020 issue. Hillary mentions there is some discrepancies with the contact info (wrong email address) published but it is good exposure and the Villager is eager to advertise any upcoming events.

b) Already discussed prior

c) Hillary and Rick propose we purchase a printer for BPRA mail outs. It is currently costing around $33 every time we print at Staples. It would cost around $360 for a new printer and supplies. Every year going forward would be cheaper as only having to buy supplies. Claire says it would be a noted asset in the care of the current and future Communications Director. Deferred to next meeting for further discussion.

d) Volunteers for mailbox drops discussion deferred to next meeting due to Neil’s absence

8. New Business

a) Event planning- Claire would like to have a socially distanced pumpkin carving event. Event would have to follow COVID 19- restrictions. Rick is concerned with attendees not following restrictions. Claire suggests having a registration process. Rick would like to discuss this separately from the meeting. A sub-committee will be organized at a later date.

b) Fall property clean up suggested date of Saturday October 24, 2020

Motion to Approve: Claire Lysnes 2nd: Rick Talbot

VOTE: All in Favour

Will request help from volunteers.

c) Memories of Bayou project has been suggested, A few people have given Aerial Photographs. ASk the community for more submissions of memories and photos.

d) Bricks fundraiser- Hillary suggests donors who contribute get a brick with family name in the park.

Motion to Review Further: Claire Lysnes 2nd: Bruc Topping, Rick Talbot

VOTE: All in Favour

9. Member Inquiries

a) Request for dog owner afternoon at the Beach- Need to find out insurance policy liability for the Beach Park

b) Request to allow boats to moor at Beach- something to consider, we would have to have a lottery and figure out where boats could moor, buoying the swimming area. Will have to ask other local neighbourhood associations to see how they manage this.

c) Remind residents of “Poop & Scoop”- This is a Severn Township by-law. Will put a friendly reminder in the next news letter.

10. Next meeting: October 15, 2020; Google Meeting

Motion to Approve: Claire Lysnes, 2nd : Kait Hunter

VOTE: All in Favour

11. Adjournment @ 21:32

Motion to Adjourn: Claire Lysnes, 2nd: Rick Talbot

VOTE: All in Favour

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