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Annual General Meeting & Movie Night - Agenda

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Bayou Park Ratepayers Association

Annual General Meeting & Movie Night

DATE: Saturday, August 14th, 2021 (Rain date: Sunday, August 15th)

TIME: 7:30 PM (Please arrive by 7:20 PM to check in)

LOCATION: Timberline Park

All members in good standing are invited to attend the AGM, or to send a proxy to vote on their behalf. We need at least 16 members attending the AGM to reach quorum. Please RSVP to

Come for the AGM and the Movie Night and you could win a $20 Tim Horton's Gift Card!

Consider nominating yourself or a community member for one of the open Board or Committee positions mentioned below. The BPRA is a 100% volunteer run non-profit organization and as such we need the participation of our members!

Residents of the neighborhood who have not yet paid their annual membership fee of $35 but wish to attend & vote at the AGM, may pay by e-transfer to or online at at least 1 day in advance of the meeting; or by bringing cash or cheque to the AGM.


  1. 7:20PM - Member Check-In - President & Secretary

  2. 7:30PM - Meeting called to order. Welcome & Board Member Introductions - President

  3. 7:35PM - Approval of Agenda - Secretary

  4. 7:40PM - Approval of Minutes from previous AGM (Not available due to Covid-19) - Secretary

  5. 7:45PM - President’s Report

  6. 7:55PM - Treasurer’s Report

    1. Approval of Financial Statement

    2. Approval of Extraordinary Resolution to waive 2021/2022 audit/review engagement

  7. 8:10PM - Nomination/Election of Board/Committee Members - President

    1. Directors at Large (1-2 members)

    2. Communications Committee (1 member) [Nominated: Amanda Stewart]

    3. Event Planning Committee (2-3 members) [Nominated: Angela Foster, Louis McIntyre]

  8. 8:25PM - New Business - Approval of By-Laws - President

  9. 8:30PM - Adjournment & $20 Tim Horton’s Gift Card Draw - President

Please stay & enjoy the MOVIE NIGHT!

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